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Relaxing Wedding Day - DJ TKO Entertainment - Philadelphia, New Jersey & Delaware Wedding DJ

5 Insider Secrets for a Flawless, Relaxing Wedding Day

Once you’ve spent all that time planning the look, the feel and the style of your wedding, it makes sense that you want to enjoy the day, right?

We have talked to pretty much any bride or groom after the wedding and they’ll say the same thing:

“It all went by so fast!”

Here are a few wedding insider tips to help you relax and enjoy every moment.

SECRET # 1 – Allow lots of extra time in your wedding day.

Wherever you can, allow for extra time.  Think it will take you an hour to get ready?  Give yourself two.

Most couples forget to allow for enough travel time.  It takes longer than 5 minutes for your girls to pile into the limo; remember to build in extra time to arrange dresses, gather bouquets left in the church and take a quick bathroom break.

You can never have too much time on your wedding day.  Those breaks and gaps will be a welcome chance for you to relax, breathe and take it all in.

SECRET #2 – Leave your cell phone at home.

It’s okay to be unreachable on your wedding day.  Give your cell phone to your mother or Maid of Honor and let them run interference for you.

Make sure they have a complete list of contacts, but don’t carry it on you. There’s a reason why they don’t make wedding gowns with pockets.

SECRET #3 – Take your photos before the ceremony.

I know it’s traditional to not see each other before the ceremony.  But it also means you’ll have a very tight timeline between your ceremony and reception.

A tight schedule means you’ll be rushed, stressed and anxious.

Arrange for a romantic “first glance” before the ceremony with just the two of you.  Your photographer can capture those private moments from a discrete distance.

Then you’ll have time for a relaxing, fun photo shoot in the location of your choice, and at the ceremony, that “first glance” will have a whole new and special quality with your friends and family watching.

SECRET #4 – Visit the “important” tables first.

A lot of couples want to do the “right thing” and visit each table at their wedding reception.  The problem is that visiting 10 – 20 tables can take a very long time!

Before you know it you only have 45 minutes until the end of the party and your wedding day is over.

Rather than visit every table starting with #1, jot down the tables where your relatives and older guests will be seated.  These are the people who will throw a fit if you don’t say hello.

Visit those tables first and then skip the rest.  Your friends will meet you at the bar or on the dance floor.

SECRET # 5 – Stop and “take a moment” throughout the day.

It’s really easy to get caught up in the rush of your wedding day.  Before you know what happened, it’s last call.

Grab your honey throughout the day and night and steal a quiet moment.  Look out at the party and enjoy the moment.  Remind yourselves that this is really happening.

One couple made a pact before the wedding.  Whenever one of their special songs was played, they would stop what they were doing and meet on the dance floor.

These quiet moments will help you remember how amazing your wedding day was.


I hope that you’ve enjoyed these insider tips!  I’ve gathered them from my own experience, the advice of past brides and other wedding professionals.

Happy planning!

How to Guarantee a Fun Wedding - DJ TKO Entertainment - Wedding DJ

How to Guarantee a FUN Wedding

Pretty much every single one of our couples wants their wedding to be FUN.  Nobody wants a boring party and yawning guests.

First of all, I’d be lying if I told you that you can do something to “make” your guests have fun.  You can’t.  If your guests have their hearts set on pouting in the corner, there’s nothing you can do to stop them.

But you can guarantee that YOU have a fun time.  And if you take these actions, it all but guarantees that your fun loving guests will join you.

1) Set an example.

If you want your wedding to be fun, YOU have to have fun.  Your guests will be looking to you for guidance because you are the stars of the show.  If you aren’t having a good time, chances are they won’t, either.

On the other hand, if you’re having the time of your life, your guests will be compelled to join you.  If you want your guests on the dance floor, get on the dance floor!  Your guests will be drawn to you like moths to a flame.

Making sure you have fun at your own wedding is the number one way to guarantee a killer party.

2) Create a comfortable environment.

What do I mean by a “comfortable” environment?  It’s making sure that your guests know what to do, when to do it, and they have everything they need to relax and enjoy the process.

This is where booking the right venue and hiring the right vendors becomes critically important.

Your venue sets the tone for the wedding; it can be formal and elegant or laid back and relaxed.  Your wedding vendor team interacts with your guests and guides them through the day.

Guests feel comfortable when they know what’s going on and what’s expected of them.  Make sure your team guides the flow of events so that everyone knows where to go and what to do.  This sets the stage for a good time.

3) Stay in the room.

This one sounds obvious, right?  Unfortunately, that’s not always the case.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen the bride or groom disappear from their own wedding.

When the bride or groom leaves the wedding celebration, it’s like the air gets sucked out of the room.  People get lost and wander around like lost puppies.

If you want your party to be fun, STAY IN THE MIX.

4) Get your photos done early.

Work with your photographer to plan your formal portraits so that you can join your guests for as much of your cocktail hour and reception as possible.

If you leave your reception for a photo session, the party dies without you.  It’s your wedding and they need you to have fun. Do yourself a favor and allow plenty of time for a leisurely photo session before the reception.

5) Share your story with your guests.

Your guests will have the most fun when they are engaged and involved in your wedding.  The best way to engage them is by sharing your love story and the interests, hobbies and quirks that make you who you are.

There are lots of ways to do this.  Personalize your vows.  Have your officiant tell your love story to your guests.  Take the microphone and tell them yourself.  Share your story in your program or on a card at each table.

Find a way to share your story that fits you.  It will have a huge impact on how much fun your guests have at your wedding.


I hope that you’ve enjoyed these tips! Our years as a wedding professional have proven that these methods work time and time again.

Happy Planning!

    DJ TKO Entertainment - Philadelphia Wedding DJ - Unique Wedding Ideas

    7 Totally Unique (and Cheap!) Ideas for Your Wedding

    It’s time to reveal some of my favorite ideas to make your wedding unique and totally “you,” so that your wedding is an unforgettable experience.

    Why is this such a big deal?

    I don’t believe that anyone’s wedding should be “cookie-cutter.” Your wedding is your day, and it should feel like the right fit for your personalities from start to finish.

    What I realized after seeing hundreds of brides on their wedding day that the secret to having a wedding that leaves a lasting impression on your guests and really feels like you is weaving as much of your personality as possible into your wedding day.

    Believe me, I’ve seen hundreds of weddings.  Including the details of what makes you special and the things you love not only makes you feel how special you are that day, it draws your guests in, makes them feel connected to you, and without fail guarantees an unforgettable day.

    And these things cost little or no money.  Bonus!


    Name your tables after something you love.

    Instead of using traditional table numbers, name your tables after a special interest or hobby that you share. For example, players on your favorite baseball team, cities you have visited together, or your favorite type of beer.

    Entertain your guests with Newlywed trivia.

    Create a list of trivia questions about you and your fiancé for your guests to answer.  This not only lets your guests get to know you as a couple, it breaks the ice as guests answer questions around the table.  This is a great idea especially too fill the time while your bridal party is lining up for introductions or during down time at dinner.

    Quirky favors that represent you.

    Give your guests favors that reveal something about your interests or personalities.  One couple gave Pez dispensers since the bride was a collector.  Another gave bottles of mead (honey wine) they had made themselves.

    Share favorite photos.

    You can do this in a collage of photos of the two of you growing up, in your signature guest book, or displayed on your gift table.  Displaying your parents’ or grandparents’ wedding photos is an elegant and romantic way to share your history.

    You could also use our multimedia enhancements like TVs or Projection screens to display a photo montage of memories during your first dances and dinner.

    Make memories with music.

    Play your favorite songs and artists during your ceremony and reception, or the songs that your family and friends love.  Some fun places to use your favorite tunes include your walk down the aisle, your introduction music, your parent dances or your cocktail/dinner playlist.

    Tell your love story.

    Write a short love letter to each other before the wedding and DO NOT share it with each other. Then on the wedding day, have your officiant or us as your DJ read the letters aloud.

    The response to this is always amazing. Your words can be romantic, funny, or quirky, whatever fits your personalities. Your guests will feel connected, which primes them for an unforgettable experience.

    Invite your guests to perform.

    If you have musicians or dancers in the family, ask them to perform at your ceremony or reception.  (Just make sure they will still enjoy themselves!)

    You don’t HAVE to use all or any of these things.  But I do encourage you to express your personalities in a way that fits who you are because it will engage and involve your guests like nothing else.

    Here’s to an unforgettable wedding!

    DJ TKO Entertainment - Philadelphia - How to Find the Right Vendors for Your Unforgettable Wedding

    How to Find the Right Vendors for Your Unforgettable Wedding

    Hiring the right team is critical to planning your dream wedding, and it can also be quite stressful.

    Some of the many questions that you might have include: How do you find the right match for you?  How do you know who to trust?  Where do you go for advice?

    First of all, this is not an easy task and it’s totally normal if you feel overwhelmed, frustrated or confused.

    It’s not like you plan a wedding every day!  This is all probably brand new to you, so be patient with yourself.

    Let’s start with the first question: How do you pick the wedding vendors who are right for YOU?

    First of all, STYLE, PERSONALITY, and PROFESSIONALISM are the biggest things to look for.  You want to hire vendors who your guests will feel comfortable with, because the more comfortable your guests are the more FUN they will have. Each vendor should also match the style and the vision that you have in mind for your wedding.

    Here are 8 Must Ask Questions to ask ALL your potential wedding professionals before booking:

    How many weddings do you do per year? How much experience do you have?

    There are two extremely important questions.  Ideally, your wedding professional should have lots of experience specifically with weddings.  Not only does this make them more skilled in their craft, but this also makes them a valuable source of information. It ensures that your wedding day goes smoothly.

    How much do you charge?

    Price is often relative, especially when you factor in experience, reputation and expertise. Generally, the most talented professionals have a higher price tag because they are worth it.

    How much is the deposit?

    This question is pretty straightforward. The deposit amounts vary wildly depending on the overall cost of the services you’re purchasing.

    What specifically is included in that cost?

    Because packages often vary, it’s likely that you won’t be able to compare one vendor exactly to the next without doing a little figuring.  Keep in mind that the lowest cost isn’t necessarily the best deal; some higher quotes include services that you have to pay extra for in other packages.  Make sure you take this into account.

    What happens if I cancel? What happens if you cancel?

    Find out if your deposit is refundable under any conditions.  Does the wedding professional have a back up plan if something happens to them? This is important, since you might be stuck without the crucial services that you paid for if they do not have a plan in place.

    Do you use a contract?

    If the answer is, “No,” RUN!  A contract is designed to protect both you and the wedding professional.  Don’t settle for a verbal agreement that won’t hold up in court.

    Are there any additional fees?

    Taxes, service charges and travel fees can add up quickly.  Make sure that you understand exactly what is included and if there are any other fees that you’ll have to pay.  This should be clearly defined in your contract.

    Do you carry liability insurance?

    The answer you’re looking for here is, “Yes.”  This protects you in case an unfortunate accident should occur on your wedding day.  It’s also a sign that you’re dealing with a reputable business, since most “fly by night” operations don’t invest in insurance.

    One final bit of advice: READ YOUR CONTRACT.  Make sure you understand everything that’s written and ask questions if you don’t.

    There IS no stupid question, except for the one you don’t ask.  Make sure you know the price as well as cancellation and refund policies.

    Lastly, GO WITH YOUR GUT.

    If something feels “off” about the wedding vendor, then you’re probably right. Make sure you feel comfortable with him or her.

    Remember: if chosen wisely, the right wedding vendors will give you expert help and advice on every aspect of your wedding…for free!